Sunday, August 2, 2015

Episode 68 - Nightmares and Trains

Welcome back to the cave and also back to the gorgeous country of Italy!  Both films this time are Italian productions though the first, 1971's A Lizard in Woman's Skin, comes from Italy by way of London. Directed by the maestro himself, Lucio Fulci ( yes, we went back to that well AGAIN! ),  this tells a story full of bizarre dreams and mysterious hippies.  This one will keep you guessing and is full of brilliant flourishes and  moments.  We follow that up with 1975's Night Train Murders ( thought it is known by many different names ).  Directed by Aldo Lado, it is as grim and vicious as almost anything we've seen, with a tone that is truly depressing and bleak. Touching throughout on issues of classism and how society should deal with it's most violent members, this is also at times a thoughtful study on what can go wrong when things get horribly out of whack.  We loved both these movies and recommend them, to those with strong constitutions.  Let us know what you thought by writing to or or by leaving a message on our Facebook page.