Friday, April 29, 2016

Episode 81 - Stallone Again...Naturally

What is it about the inescapable pull of Menahem Golan?  We have yet another film from this storied filmmaker this time, but we start with 1986's Cobra, from George P. Cosmatos, who had previously given the world, Rambo: First Blood Part 2.  In a solid tale of a renegade cop who's trying to stop a ruthless serial killer from knocking-off a witness to one of his kills, Cobra delivers everything that you might want in an action film from the 80's ( except maybe nudity, which there is none of ).  We follow that up with Mr. Golan's 1987 film "Over The Top" which tells the story of Lincoln Hawk, a trucker and arm-wrestler who is trying to mend a shattered relationship with his youngish son.  Oh, did we mention that both of these films star the one and only Sylvester "Tango" Stallone? Well they do, and he is actually pretty great in both of these.  This show was built from a recommendation from Dylan over at D's Movie Corner...if you check out his site, please tell him that you heard about it on Flickers from the Cave. While you're letting people know things, let US know what you thought of the show and what movies you'd like to see added to the big pile of stuff that is filling up the cave. Write us at or or leave us a message over on our Facebook page.

Friday, April 15, 2016

Episode 80 - Flickers from the Disco

Apparently, in 1980, the world was gripped with a bad case of Disco Fever!  We prove this theory by talking about two films from this significant year.  With it being our 80th episode (!) we thought it was fitting to look at two from that specific year.  We start off with the totally baffling "The Apple" from producer/director Menahem Golan.  A mind-boggling biblical parable with more makeup than Max Factor and more crazy fashion than one of Lady Gaga's fever dreams. This is a true oddity and something that should be seen by anyone who has ever asked the question "what's the strangest film ever made?"  We follow that up with the bipolar antics of "Can't Stop the Music" from director Nancy Walker.  More known for being the spokesperson for Bounty paper towels, Ms. Walker really pulls out the stops with this highly-fictionalized story of the formation of the Village People.  This group of costumed performers were a huge sensation at the time and this film was an attempt to cash in on that tide of popularity,  The film switches back and forth between wide-eyed innocence and not-so-subtle innuendo that would make a sailor blush.  It is totally charming and more than a little annoying ( especially with it's 2 hour run-time ).  We loved both these movies and would appreciate hearing your suggestions for other musicals that would be appropriate for the podcast. Send us your thoughts and suggestions to or or post a message on our Facebook page.

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Episode 79 - Up Chuck

Did you say "action movies"? Did you say "Chuck Norris" ?  Wait a second, did somebody say "The Eighties" ?  Boy, oh boy, do we have you covered on this episode!  We both recently watch Electric Boogaloo: The Wild Untold Story of Cannon Films ( which we HIGHLY recommend ) and it inspired us to do this pairing of films.  We start off with 1985's Invasion U.S.A. which sees Chuck Norris square-off against an angry Russian terrorist named Rostov, played psychotically by Richard Lynch. It is a violent, mean-spirited epic, with innocent people being destroyed from almost the opening frame.  We follow that up with 1986's "The Delta Force" which features Chuck again, along with Lee Marvin as members of the elite Delta Force as they try to stop a crazed terrorist played by Robert Forster who has hijacked a plane full of innocents.  It is a movie with a split personality, as the first half is a fairly straight-forward tale of intrigue which devolves, in the second half, to a silly, over-the-top, romp with rocket-launching motorcycles and tons of explosions.  Despite this incongruity, we loved it!  Let us know what you thought of the show by writing to or or post a message on our Facebook page.

Saturday, February 27, 2016

Episode 78 - Pros and Cons of Witch Hunting

It is off to Merrye Olde Englande this time, for two amazing tales of witches and their hunters. We start with 1968's The Witchfinder General ( also known as The Conqueror Worm ).  We were lucky enough to watch the Director's cut of this amazing story based on the true story of Matthew Hopkins who did his best to rid the British countryside of witches in the 1600's. We then turn to 1971's The Blood on Satan's Claw which takes the idea of witches VERY seriously and shows us a tiny British village that is beset by a coven of young evil-doers who are up to all sorts of dastardly deeds.
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Friday, February 12, 2016

Episode 77 - Toy Boats In The Tub

We run giggling back into the strong, manly arms of Mr. Doug McClure again for episode 77 and bask in his glory.  It is time to get the rubber monsters out, and to set sail across a mysterious sea filled with mysterious dangers, and we are going to pack our ships with shifty characters and lots of twisty subplots.  We go out to sea for 1968's The Lost Continent and follow that up with 1978's Warlords of Atlantis.  These are both excellent films that succeed on basically every level ( as long as you judge the monsters a little loosely ).  Listen to us rave about them and then please send us your thoughts to or You could also leave a message on our Facebook page.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Episode 76 - You Know...For The Kids

A new year is upon us, and a new Flickers is upon YOU!  We start out the year with two movies that put children in perilous, zombie-related, situations, but with varying levels of success. We start with 2015's Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse, which is on the extreme low end of success and finish up with 2014's Cooties, which truly knocks every single ball out of the park.  Scout's Guide, tells the story of 3 scouts who find themselves in a town where all the adults are gone, or turned into zombies, and all the high school kids are at a huge rave and need to be rescued. It is terrible, but does have some nice special effects, decent performances ( including the great Cloris Leachman ) and a handful of laughs.  Cooties, on the other hand, is an unmitigated success from beginning to end.  It stars Elijah Wood as Clint, a substitute teacher who picked the wrong day to show up for work. His elementary school is overrun by flesh eating kids and it is up a small group of teachers ( including Rainn Wilson in a hilarious role ) to survive the onslaught.  
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Sunday, December 27, 2015

Episode 75 - The Kindred Dorm That Pranked Blood

We are back to the 80's...again...and probably not for the last time, with two movies from the duo of Stephen Carpenter and Jeffrey Obrow. We start off with a film from 1982 that is known by a handful of titles, but most frequently "The Dorm That Dripped Blood".  A solid slasher-who-dunnit, it perfectly captures those genres with fairly solid performances and shows a good deal of technical skill as well.  Later the pair teamed up again for our second film, 1987's "The Kindred" where they show total mastery of their medium. With touches of Lovecraft, Alien, and every mad-scientist movie ever made...this is a true gem. It is a gem covered in slime and sprouting hundreds of tentacles, but a gem nonetheless.  Please let us know what you thought of the show by writing to us at or or just leave us a message on our Facebook page.