Sunday, April 12, 2015

Episode 63 - When You Wish Upon Z'Dar

Welcome back to the cave everyone for episode 63! This one is a bit of a sad occasion unfortunately, as we are remembering the late Robert Z'Dar. You may not know the name but you'll never forget the face. First up we look at 1987s The Night Stalker. A totally boiler plate tale of a crazed killer murdering prostitutes, it features Charles Napier playing the most unlikable screen detective icon since Mitchell. Next we look at William Lustig's Maniac Cop. Written by Larry Cohen and jam-packed with genre stalwarts,  this 1988 flick does everything right. Making the most of a low bedget and sporting style to spare, Maniac Cop will not disappoint. Rest in peace Mr. Z'Dar,  you may be gone but you will not be forgotten.