Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Episode 54 - Evel Cavenievel

Welcome back to the cave everyone for episode 54. Now, right up front I have to confess that we have both, at one time or another, been described as the personification of evil, but unfortunately never the personification of Evel. That title belongs to one man, and one man alone...the one...the only...Evel Knievel! This man, this legend was a hero to us both in our formative years and we can only imagine that, if you grew up in the seventies, he is significant to you as well. If not, prepare to be immersed in the glory that is Evel! First up we discuss 1971’s Evel Knievel, a biopic starring the golden-skinned George Hamilton. We can’t be sure how accurate the portrayal of Knievel’s life is in this flick, but it sure is fun to watch. See his meteoric rise from small town juvenile delinquent to daredevil superstar, all in ninety minutes! Following that, we talk about 1977’s Viva Knievel, starring the man himself! This movie has everything, insane stunts, philanthropy, Lauren Hutton, Leslie Nielsen and some of the most dangerous fashions you will ever witness. The collars alone are worth the price of admission. So, strap into your rocket bike, put on your red, white and blue helmet and hold on, this podcast is about to get EVEL!

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