Sunday, July 13, 2014

Episode 51 - Flickers from Boggy Cave

Sasquatch. Skunk Ape. Bipedal Hominid. Although known by many names, we are of course, talking about the one, the only, Bigfoot. Episode 51 finds us deep in the dark forest of our childhood subconscious. Having grown up in the seventies during what was a sort of Bigfoot renaissance, we both took in films, magazines and television containing any reference to this legendary creature. During this period of heightened interest, film makers eagerly cranked out numerous low budget flicks to capitalize on the big, hairy, zeitgeist of the day. First up, we discuss the seminal "Legend of Boggy Creek", a movie that moved Marty in a very particular way as a kid. Next we have "Creature From Black Lake". Even though it is a low budget effort, the cast is stacked with great character actors including Jack Elam and Dub Taylor. Well-directed and better than it has any right to be, it is a solid slice of seventies drive in fun. Then we dig into 1977's "Sasquatch-The Legend of Bigfoot", a flick that really wants to be an effective pseudo documentary like Boggy Creek, but it just can't muster the same visceral energy of the earlier film. Lastly, we take a look at Bob(cat) Goldthwaite's awesome "Willow Creek" from 2013. Part faux documentary and part found footage film, this thing delivers on all fronts. Fantastic performances, great direction and writing from Bobcat and a slam bang finale, this movie will not disappoint!  Please let us know what you thought of the show ( and if you believe in Bigfoots )  by sending email to or or by posting a message on the Facebook page.