Sunday, March 30, 2014

Episode 46 - The Reich Stuff

Well folks, here we are at episode 46 of Flickers and we're knee deep in the brown stuff. Yep, you got it, shit. Oh and nazis too! We have two landmark, or maybe skid mark, examples of filmaking to throw at you this time. First up, 1968's They Saved Hitler's Brain, a hodge podge patch job of a movie that we thought was maybe the worst thing we had ever seen, however, we stand corrected. Our second feature out-craps any thing you ever seen! 1978's Son Of Hitler couldn't be shittier if the film stock was made of Ex-Lax. With the casting of Peter Cushing and Bud Cort you'd think there would have to be some redeeming quality, right? WRONG! This thing will leave a shit-streak on your soul! Get the Charmin and join us deep inside the cinematic crapper, if you dare!Let us know what you thought of the show by writing to us at or or by posting a message on our Facebook page.

Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Episode 45 - 12 Years a Cave

Welcome all, to episode 45 of Flickers! This may well be the most politically charged episode we've ever done as we delve into the subject of racial tension in the south during the sixties and seventies. First up, we check out 1962's The Intruder, a superior effort from the legend himself, Roger Corman. This first-rate potboiler stars none other than William Shatner, in what may be his greatest film performance. With a cast rounded out by excellent character actors and some surprisingly solid local talent, this one will make you think and may just make your blood boil! Then there is 1974's Klansman, with Lee Marvin and Richard Burton. With it's own ensemble of familiar faces and solid performances, Klansman's director Terence Young chose to go with a decidedly more exploitation-style presentation of similar material. As seedy and distasteful as it is in parts, it is overall a hell of a romp in the best grindhouse tradition. You may never again get to see O.J. Simpson as a rage driven avenging angel and Big Dick Burton kung-fu fighting in the same sizzling one hundred minutes of celluloid! Gird your loins and come along with us for a trip down a nightmarish version of memory lane.  Let us know what you thought of the movies and the podcast by writing to or or by posting a message on the Facebook page.

Monday, March 3, 2014

Episode 44 - Who Goes There

Hey friend can you spare some head, er, heads? Well anyway, on episode 44 of Flickers we're talking about parasites. No, this one isn't about congress, these parasites come from outer space! Pull up a chair and sit right down and dig into 1987's “The Hidden”, directed by Jack Sholder and starring Agent Cooper himself, Mr. Kyle MacLachlan. A top notch sci-fi action thriller, it will rock your world. And then there is 1991's “The Borrower” directed by John McNaughton of “Henry: Portrait of a Serial Killer” fame. There is no evidence on view what so ever of the promise of great things to come, that was Henry, with this limp effort. .Although a brief synopsis of the plots of these two films might read as virtual twins, they are worlds apart in quality. Join us for the in depth discussion and many low brow jokes you have come to expect from FFTC!
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