Sunday, February 16, 2014

Episode 43 - Like Bunches of Bananas

This time we decided to lighten the tone a bit and focus on two films that depict the END OF CIVILIZATION ON PLANET EARTH!  The post-apocalyptic genre is one of our favorites, and it has produced some standout examples, including Omega Man, Planet of the Apes, Road Warrior and countless others.  We start off by looking at 1977's Damnation Alley, loosely based on a novella by the great Roger Zelazny, which has a band of survivors making a desperate trek across the ruined center of a post-world-war-three America.  They make the trip inside the actual star of the film, the Landmaster, a true engineering marvel and something which still impresses today, decades after it's creation.  Starring George Peppard and Jan-Michael Vincent, with a top-notch supporting cast, this film delivers the goods, along with giant scorpions and killer cockroaches!  Next we travel to Italy, for the 1983 epic from Sergio Martino 2019: After the Fall of New York. In this lazy remake of the incredible Escape from New York,  we have a ruined America, split into two factions, the Euraks and the Federation.  The radioactive fallout from a global nuclear war has rendered every female infertile. The federation's "Genetic Robot" determines there's a lone fertile woman in the ruins of New York, bastion of the Euraks,  so they send in the hero Parsifal and two sidekicks to retrieve her for a rocket ride to Alpha Centauri to continue the human race...this movie is bad, really bad. Is it so bad that you should avoid it, or is it so bad that you should watch it instantly...?  Tune in and hear what we thought of both of these beauties.
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Sunday, February 2, 2014

Episode 42 - And Through the Woods

This episode, Mike and Marty took the podcast out into the woods, for a fun camping trip and then things started to go horribly wrong.  We look at two films which follow in the footsteps of many previous films but perhaps most obviously, John Boorman's 1972 classic Deliverance.  The first we look at is Rituals from 1977.  Starring Hal Holbrook and a small group of very talented actors, and featuring a really top notch script, this was a truly delightful surprise.  It is a grueling experience as the viewer follows a group of doctors who are on an expedition to "The Cauldron" and run into something in the woods that clearly wants them to leave.  We follow that up with 1981's Just Before Dawn, directed by Jeff Lieberman who gave us the only "killer earthworm" film we've ever seen, Squirm.  Chris Lemmon and Gregg Henry are the leaders of a group of young people who intend to explore a remote forest area, despite the ominous warnings of both the creepy locals and the resident park ranger, played by the wonderful George Kennedy. There is much disco-dancing and crazy disregard for the dangers that surround the foolhardy campers, as well as the requisite drunken-coot and inbred hill-family, but still the movie falls totally flat.  Listen in to the conversation and see if you want to give either of these a shot, maybe you could watch them on your next camping trip.
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