Saturday, June 30, 2012

27 - In the Cave...No One Can Hear You Flicker

In episode 27 of the podcast, we are joined by Leif immediately following our trip to see Prometheus at the local IMAX. We take the opportunity to talk about the Alien film franchise as a whole, starting with the original 1979 film, and each of the three direct sequels. 1986's Aliens from hit-maker James Cameron, 1992's Alien 3 from the incredible David Fincher and 1997's Alien Resurrection which was directed by Jean-Pierre Jeunet. We briefly touch on these four and then really settle in to discuss Prometheus which was conceived as a prequel and succeeds on many levels. With five films to cover, we go a bit longer than normal but many intersting points are covered. Please do not listen to the spoiler section if you have not seen Prometheus, and do not listen to the show at all if you do not want the other films spoiled since we do not hold back while covering them. Please let us know your thoughts on the films we cover and on the show in general by writing to us at or You can also post a message on our Facebook page.

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