Tuesday, February 14, 2012

23 - From Italy to Mexico

Episode 23 of the podcast features two very divergent films that both fall within the umbrella of exploitation cinema. The first is 1973's Ricco the Mean Machine which stars Christopher Mitchum ( son of the legendary Robert Mitchum ). It is a reworking of the classic revenge tale that includes organized crime, youthful rebellion, and soap. Featuring some of the hottest Italian actresses we have ever seen and some truly shocking moments of violence, this is not to be missed.
The second film is 1977's Tintorrera ( Spanish for Tiger Shark ). While the movie is, at first glance, a Jaws ripoff, it is actually more of a study of non-standard relationships, all set in an idyllic Mexican paradise full of mostly uninhibited tourists, crafty locals, and one very hungry shark that seems to pop up at the worst possible time. And trust us, when this shark pops up, things do NOT go well for the hapless humans that encounter it. This film is a time capsule of another time, and another place that, despite it's mostly unbridled hedonism, is still an innocent take on how we could all lead happier lives. Tintorrera is truly unique.
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