Saturday, February 27, 2016

Episode 78 - Pros and Cons of Witch Hunting

It is off to Merrye Olde Englande this time, for two amazing tales of witches and their hunters. We start with 1968's The Witchfinder General ( also known as The Conqueror Worm ).  We were lucky enough to watch the Director's cut of this amazing story based on the true story of Matthew Hopkins who did his best to rid the British countryside of witches in the 1600's. We then turn to 1971's The Blood on Satan's Claw which takes the idea of witches VERY seriously and shows us a tiny British village that is beset by a coven of young evil-doers who are up to all sorts of dastardly deeds.
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Friday, February 12, 2016

Episode 77 - Toy Boats In The Tub

We run giggling back into the strong, manly arms of Mr. Doug McClure again for episode 77 and bask in his glory.  It is time to get the rubber monsters out, and to set sail across a mysterious sea filled with mysterious dangers, and we are going to pack our ships with shifty characters and lots of twisty subplots.  We go out to sea for 1968's The Lost Continent and follow that up with 1978's Warlords of Atlantis.  These are both excellent films that succeed on basically every level ( as long as you judge the monsters a little loosely ).  Listen to us rave about them and then please send us your thoughts to or You could also leave a message on our Facebook page.

Saturday, February 6, 2016

Episode 76 - You Know...For The Kids

A new year is upon us, and a new Flickers is upon YOU!  We start out the year with two movies that put children in perilous, zombie-related, situations, but with varying levels of success. We start with 2015's Scouts Guide to the Zombie Apocalypse, which is on the extreme low end of success and finish up with 2014's Cooties, which truly knocks every single ball out of the park.  Scout's Guide, tells the story of 3 scouts who find themselves in a town where all the adults are gone, or turned into zombies, and all the high school kids are at a huge rave and need to be rescued. It is terrible, but does have some nice special effects, decent performances ( including the great Cloris Leachman ) and a handful of laughs.  Cooties, on the other hand, is an unmitigated success from beginning to end.  It stars Elijah Wood as Clint, a substitute teacher who picked the wrong day to show up for work. His elementary school is overrun by flesh eating kids and it is up a small group of teachers ( including Rainn Wilson in a hilarious role ) to survive the onslaught.  
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