Sunday, December 27, 2015

Episode 75 - The Kindred Dorm That Pranked Blood

We are back to the 80's...again...and probably not for the last time, with two movies from the duo of Stephen Carpenter and Jeffrey Obrow. We start off with a film from 1982 that is known by a handful of titles, but most frequently "The Dorm That Dripped Blood".  A solid slasher-who-dunnit, it perfectly captures those genres with fairly solid performances and shows a good deal of technical skill as well.  Later the pair teamed up again for our second film, 1987's "The Kindred" where they show total mastery of their medium. With touches of Lovecraft, Alien, and every mad-scientist movie ever made...this is a true gem. It is a gem covered in slime and sprouting hundreds of tentacles, but a gem nonetheless.  Please let us know what you thought of the show by writing to us at or or just leave us a message on our Facebook page.

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