Sunday, December 20, 2015

Episode 74 - Flickers from the Mausoleum

We are back to the 80s, again, with two more fine examples of what it was like to wander into a theater while we were in high school. We start off with 1983's Mausoleum, starring a gorgeous Bobbie Bresee and the show-favorite Marjoe Gortner.  It is not, in any defensible way, a good film, but we have each seen it multiple times so there must be something about it. We follow that up with 1982's One Dark Night which features the fantastic Meg Tilly. Now THIS is something special. Rated PG-13, it still packs in the chills and delivers a lot of movie for what must surely have been a microscopic budget.Let us know what you thought of the show by writing to or, or just leave us a message on our Facebook page.


  1. No matter how bad your first movie was, it will never be as bad as 'Gummy Bear saves Xmas'

  2. Where is the podcast. I dont see it listed on the right....

  3. Sorry about that. It is fixed now. Happy Holidays!