Sunday, May 11, 2014

Episode 48 - Good Cars and UFOs

On this episode we turn to one of the most iron-clad character actors out there, Mr. Harry Dean Stanton!  After Daniel posted an amazing Youtube video of HDS relating his personal philosophy, we decided to dig through his lengthy career and find some obscure jewels to bring to everyone's attention. We start off with 1979's Wise Blood, directed by Jhon Huston ( deliberately misspelled ) and based on a novel by Flannery O'Connor. This is an incredible film with a strong lead performance by Brad Dourif. It tells the story or Hazel Motes who is dealing with an ongoing crisis of faith and his attempts to spread his message in a quirky southern city. This one sticks with you after it finishes and offers much fuel for conversation.  We follow that up with 1985's UFOria which stars Fred Ward and TV's Shirley, Cindy Williams.  Harry Dean Stanton plays Brother Bud, a huckster faith-healer who is lining his pockets while promising salvation to his flock.  Set in the American west, in an equally quirky town, this is a sweet, good-natured love story with earnest characters and it will certainly leave you smiling. Please let us know what you thought of these movies and of the podcast by sending email to or or by leaving us a message on our Facebook page.