Thursday, April 17, 2014

Episode 47 - Pink Socks Messiah

Welcome everyone to episode 47 of the Flickers From the Cave podcast. I hope you’re ready to polish up your third eye, because this time we’re featuring a couple of films that deal with elements of a mind bending nature. First up, we have 1982’s The Sender, a solid little thriller from Roger Christian, the man who would later unleash the dreaded Battlefield Earth on our unsuspecting planet. The Sender features some familiar faces in a very straight forward examination of the downside of possessing telekinetic powers. Speaking of possessing, our next feature is 1981’s uber-surreal Possession, starring Sam Neill and Isabelle Adjani. This is truly a horse of a different color, if it is in fact a horse at all! Filled with big ideas, manic energy and nearly crazed performances, it features a cast of truly bizarre characters. Possession is a film guaranteed to leave you thinking and hopefully talking. If so, talk to us! You can reach us at or and you can find us on Facebook.