Sunday, December 30, 2012

Episode 28 - This is the End My Friend

After the Mayan apocalypse passed, Mike and Marty emerged from the cave expecting to find chaos and a world in turmoil, but instead, we found birds chirping peacefully, and a stack of bills that needed to be paid.
In the spirit of the expected doomsday, we decided to focus our triumphant ( ? ) return on two wonderful films that seek to depict very different versions of what it would be like for the end to truly come. 
The first film we look at is 1980's Virus, which is known by several different names and which is available for FREE on the Internet Archive.  Packed with an all-star cast and a very scientific look at what would happen following the accidental release of an ill-conceived germ weapon, it packs a wallop emotionally and, despite a few clunky performances, still holds up today. 
The second film is 2007's End of the Line, a lower budget Canadian shocker that presents a group of religious zealots who are expecting Armageddon  and start "saving the souls" of prospective sinners through judicious murder.  With some delightful plot twists and a few commendable performances, this is one to watch with your slate as blank as possible to maximize the impact of a few of the revelations when they occur.
After our 6 month hiatus, we are finally back and we hope you are happy to see us return.  We are asking that you submit your choices for the best films you saw in 2012.  They do not have to be released in 2012, they just have to be films you WATCHED in 2012.  Let us know what you think of our return, of episode 28, and your film list by writing to us at or or by leaving a post over on Facebook.