Monday, April 16, 2012

25 - Metalhunter - The Destruction of the Forbidden Zone

Episode 25 of the podcast sees us delve into a danker, mustier and much darker corner of the cave. We return to the days of our youth and watch two films from 1983 that are so similar on the surface that you might think they're the same movies. We start with Metalstorm - The Destruction of Jaren-Syn which is another in a long line of mostly disappointing films from Charles Band. We finish by looking at Spacehunter - Adventures in the Forbidden Zone which features credible performances by a cast of b+ grade actors such as Peter Strauss, Molly Ringwald, Ernie Hudson and Michael Ironside. These both are variants on the "cash in, rip off, imitation" trend which continues still today in Hollywood. While an argument can be made that these are both bad films, we enjoyed them on different levels and think that at least one of them is worthy of your time.
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