Sunday, July 11, 2010

Larry Cohen's Bone, if you know what I mean

Today I watched Larry Cohen's 1972 film Bone. Yaphet Kotto is the eponymous character who quickly throws into turmoil the seemingly idyllic lives of a couple in Beverly Hills California, played by Andrew Duggan and Joyce Van Patten. This might be my favorite Larry Cohen film of all time, and that is really saying something. The performances were all solid, especially Kotto and Van Patten. The way the plot is revealed and teased out over the course of the very speedy 95 minute run-time is totally impressive. The characters are so complex and interesting. The dialogue isn't necessarily "realistic" but it's amazing in the way that the best Tarantino dialogue is. A lot is said about race, about class, and about power, both directly and indirectly though camera angles, and the nuanced performances of the actors. I am eager to rewatch the movie now that I have the bigger picture of the plot in my mind. Much like how The Sixth Sense is a vastly different experience the second time around, I feel confident that Bone will reveal even greater depth on subsequent viewings. Consider it VERY highly recommended.

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